Sunday, April 7, 2013

Recently I have been asked a lot about what are mono-types?

 Recently I have been asked a lot about what are

The meaning behind the words are, mono for being one of a kind, type is used to replace print since there wasn’t a print to starts with, for instance a etching. Just a blank plate which is used to paint on!
Mono-Type is a very creative process. There are so many ways to make a mono-type. The way I complete a print is by painting on plexi-glass then transferred to paper by running it through a press. Note the image will be reversed. All that is left on the plate is light image know as a “ghost image”. A true mono-type is when the printing process is completed; the image is not changed by hand later! I use my press because I like the way it prints the image very even, but can be done with rubbing on the back of the paper.

The items above are used in making a mono-type. Anything goes! Tina likes to work in an oil base etching ink on Dutch Etch paper, it is a heavy weight acid free printmaking paper. The mono-types are very painterly and have an impressionistic feel.


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