Mono-Prints / Mono-Types

Mono-type: "Mono" means that there is only one image executed and no two mono-types are ever identical. These images are paintings done on plexi-glass and is printed using a etching press.

Mono-types are created in a variety of ways. The prints can be done on one plate with multiple colors, or with several plates, one color at a time. A rainbow roll can be used, which softens the color, and is a technique widely used in etchings. Artists may use an existing etching plate and add painterly qualities. They may even use different objects to manipulate the ink which embosses or adds texture to the piece.

Grapes and Apples Approximately 6” X 9”

When executing mono-types and mono-prints, I like to use oil-based etching inks printed on Dutch etching paper. Many items that I use to create texture are found around my home, such as fabric, paper, steel wool, and cotton balls, along with the standard rollers and brushes.

Walk in the Woods Approximately 6” X 9"

Mono-Prints are a combination of printing techniques they are one of a kind images that may be mixed with etchings, collagraphs, litho's and so on.  Mixing techniques for textures.

These mono-prints started with a collagraph inked in a rainbow roll with more inking in layers. Once the design is laid out to my satisfaction it is printed. These are one of a kind! So the meaning behind the words is, mono for being one of a kind, print is started with a process called collagraph. All of the work is in the printing process. I do not hand color the work after the printing is done. That is why it has so much transparency and texture to it.

Changing Leaves 5" x 7"                                  Seasons Change 5" x 7"

My mono-prints can be purchased either framed or unframed. When framed, they are matted using acid free materials. Contact me for additional mono-prints or information about present exhibits.